Features RML - Learn English

This product has the distinctive feature that English transliteration can now be phonetically transliterated to any of the 12 Indian languages - which was, you may recollect, not the case in the Basic version (RML - Any Reader)

This transliteration product has also been developed with a focus on Learning English. One of the major paradigms in learning a language has been proven to be - "the more you read a language, the more comfortable you become in it" - thus, increasing your fluency in the language and hence, learn the language faster.

Thus, this product comes not only with the facility of being able to transliterate English (in addition to the other 12 Indian languages already available in the Basic version) but also with a library of English learning material which is geared to increasing the students' fluency in the English language. It has also got a LEARN facility with word lookup in English to Vernacular Dictionary.

Any student aspiring to learn English quickly can use this product. Read just one story every day and develop English comprehension and speech in 6 to 8 months.

Follow the instructions given in the INSTALL section and start reading stories in English from RML Library by transliterating them into a script you can easily read.