Features RML - Regional Reader

A large population in the Indian sub continent can understand a language but cannot read it. This is not only the situation with people from the sub continent living overseas but also within India. For example, the Gen X of Punjab can speak in Punjabi but can't read the Gurmukhi script. Similarly, there are people who can speak Bengali but can't read the Bengali script. This is because they had been born or largely lived outside their home state and, though they speak their mother tongue or the local language, they may not be able to read it.

Transliteration enables them to do so.

This is the Basic version which provides transliteration between 12 Indian languages (as source) and the corresponding languages plus English as Target. This is being provided free of cost currently. Please note that English is not available in this version

Please go to the INSTALL instructions to download and use this product. It is currently available in both desktop and smartphone versions.

Desktops - Browser Browser extensions in Chrome, Safari, Firefox (Windows and MAC).

Smart phones - Android, Apple(IOS) and Win8 smart phones and tablets.

This version is useful for those who wish to read their favourite books, poetry or any other text in a script of their choice