Features RML - Easy Author

Meant for Authors, Movie Script Writers and Publishers, this product emerged from the need of writers to have an off line version for performing transliteration as well as use this product to perform bulk transliteration at one go.

Film and Television scriptwriters can input their script in Celtx or Word and then use this offline version of RML to convert their film / tv script from their original language script to another language script. Thus, RML eliminates the need for manual transliteration by script writers!

The script writers often also type their Hindi content using Roman/English script since they can't type in Hindi. They can now reverse transliterate this Hinglish content into Hindi using offline version of RML and get an authentic and error free Hindi script written in Hindi.

Book Publishers can also transliterate their books into a different script and publish a transliterated version of the original book. Our research has shown a huge demand for transliterated books which is yet to be tapped by publishers!