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About Read My language:

Read My Language is a unique technology enabled English learning solution that helps people to learn to speak English in 3-4 months time. The engine uses, primarily, the power of language transliteration and secondarily, text to speech and dictionary features


The process of changing a script without changing the language is called "Transliteration", as opposed to Translation where the language itself is changed into another language. It thus enables the user to read any language in a script of her choice. Thus, transliteration allows a second generation Bengali youth living in San Francisco to read Tagore in Bengali but in the English script. A major use of transliteration is in learning a language. It has been proven, time and time again, that the more you read a language, the faster you learn it and become fluent at it. Several schools in Tier II and Tier III cities of India are now using transliteration to teach English to their students.


The solution that we offer is a unique pedagogy which will, we believe, revolutionise the way languages are learnt across the world. Together with the transliteration ability, we have built in English content so that the learner can use the system whenever and wherever she chooses to - on any device (desktop, smartphone or Tablet) in either the on line mode or off line mode.

An interesting feature is that one can load one's own content and use it to teach English words that the learner is likely to encounter in her normal work environment. Thus, training institutions could load their own training material or operating instructions or any other material and use it to train their staff.

Likely users of the solution could be a) young adults looking to enhance their career prospects and livelihood prospects - retail salesmen working in large department stores in India, security guards, anybody in the tourism industry (hotels, tour guides, airlines etc.), migrant workers (going to the Middle East etc.) export oriented industries, workers who would need to read English manuals etc and b) students who need English to further their education