How It Works

  1. Click on the Icon (App) button. The Introductory screen gives some instructions. Once you have finished reading it, click the Close button.
  2. First time (and once every month thereafter), you will be prompted for User Name & Password. Please enter these details & Click LOGIN.
  3. The RML Main Screen then appears. Choose the desired Target Language & Press GO.
  4. The RML Library page now appears. Select your desired Level & Chapter.
  5. The Chapter is displayed in your desired Script.
  1. Click on Learn button for additional options.
    1. Firstly, once you press the Learn button, the text appears in a table form - English text in the left column and target script text in the right column
    2. Clicking on any English text in the Left column reads out the entire sentence so that the student gets to know how the sentence would be pronounced.
    3. Clicking on any text in the Right column gives the pronunciation of the specific word and its meaning. (Note that this option is not available in the off line version)

    Go ahead, enjoy the experience of Learning English through Transliteration.

Demo Library