Overview of RML products

Globalisation has resulted in people moving out of their homeland and settling down in other places for career requirement. This has created a generation who can speak in a language but can’t read it since they have never studied that script. This could be their Mother Tongue – in which they can speak since that’s the language spoken in their homes, but can’t read since they have not got any exposure to the script. This could also be the language spoken in the new region they settle in. They learn to speak the new language but cannot read the script!

Readmylanguage bridges this gap by enabling people to read in any language by simply transliterating the script! You can read poetry written by Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali, without translating it, by using the Readmylanguage app to transliterate it in English, Hindi, Marathi or any of the 12 Indian scripts supported by the App. You can read a Hindi newspaper available online without translating it by using the Readmylanguage app to transliterate it.

Understand the language, but cannot read it? Now, you can – read it in any script of your choice

Currently readmylanguage supports 12 Indian languages plus English, both as Source language and Target. The languages are:

  • Hindi - Devanagari
  • English
  • Bengali
  • Telugu
  • Marathi
  • Tamil
  • Urdu
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Oriya
  • Gurmukhi
  • Assamese

Our Apps are available in both desktop and smartphone versions.

Desktops – Browser Browser extensions in Chrome, Safari, Firefox (Windows and MAC).

Smart phones - Android, Apple(IOS) and Win8 smart phones and tablets.

Readmylanguage has a wide use for people who desire to read a language without knowing the script. It can be used by people to:

  • Read literature, stories, novels, poetry, etc. in your mother tongue, even if you can’t read the script.
  • Read newspapers or any other website content written in a language that you speak but can’t read.
  • Gain proficiency in a language (e.g. English) which you understand and but have limited vocabulary of and can’t speak fluently due to lack of practice and exposure.
  • Teach children any language by giving them exposure to the language in a script they understand.
  • Children can entertain themselves by reading cartoons, comics and stories in a language they understand but can’t read.

  • The flexibility of usage makes readmylanguage not only a highly useful app but also a lot of fun to work with. It’s a must have App!