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My School

My School

The name of my school is Shishu Vihar. It is close to my house.

I walk to school.


The school has two, tall buildings. They are painted white.


There is a big play ground. We play on the swings and slides. We have fun on the monkey climb. Big boys play football and cricket here.


We have a library. We read story books here.


My classroom is on the ground floor. It is large and airy.


I have many friends.


I love my school and like to study here.




1. Fill in the blanks:

a. The name of my school is _____   ______.

b. My school has _____ buildings. They are painted ______.

c. Big boys play ______ and _____ on the play ground.

d. We play on the _____ and ______.

e. My classroom is on the _____ floor.

f. I have many ______.

g. I _____ my school and like to ____ here.


2. Say two sentences about your teacher.