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My Family

My Family My name is Ali. I am six years old.
I live with my father, mother, my sister, Ruby and my grandparents.

Ruby and I go to the same school. She is in Class 5.
My father has a shoe shop in the market. My mother is a teacher in my school.
We come back home together.

My grandmother and mother cook tasty food for us. Grandfather helps my father in our shop. He also tells us many stories and plays with us.
We are a happy family. We love and help one another.


1. Give short answers:
a. How old is Ali?
b. How many people are there in the family?
c. What do Ali's parents do?
d. Who cooks the meals?
e. What does a happy family do?

2. Do you like to listen to stories? Which story do you like best?