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A Funny Story

Lost and Found Granny was looking for her glasses. She wanted to read the newspapers. She had put them on her bedside table the night before. She looked high and low but they were not there. They seemed to have disappeared. Oh dear! Where could she have put them? Granny bent down and looked under the bed. They were not there. She looked behind the bed. No, there were not there. She searched in her handbag. Not finding them there she looked on the dining table. She even looked for her spectacles in between the two pillows. They were not there. Granny now went to the dressing table and looked for her glasses near the cream jar. As she looked into the mirror, she stopped! There were the glasses...on her head!


1. Fill in the blanks:
a. Granny had lost her ______.
b. Another word for glasses is _________.
c. She bent down and looked _____ the bed and _____it.
d. Grandmother even looked for them ______ the two pillows.
e. She found her glasses at last. On her _____.