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Sun God and the Lamp

The Sun God and the Lamp

Surya, the Sun God, wanted to take some time off. Before he could do so, he had to find someone to take his place, during his absence.
Surya went to the Moon God and said, "Moon God, will you fill in for me while I take some time off?"
Moon God replied, "So sorry, Surya God, have you forgotten that I shine with your light? I have no light of my own. How can I take your place?"

The Sun God went to the stars and made the same request. The stars too refused saying, "We are too tiny and far away. We have very little light to brighten Mother Earth."

The Sun God was sad and disappointed. He was turning away when he heard a whisper in the breeze.
"If its fine with you, dear Sun God, I can fill in for you for the time you wish to be away."
Surya looked all over from where the voice was coming. At last he located it. It was coming from a little, lit lamp inside a small hut in a far away village.

Taken aback, Surya asked, "How can a tiny little lamp like you light up the entire Mother Earth?"

Smiling shyly, the little mud lamp replied, "It is true that I am small and weak, being made of clay. It is also true that I can have only a little heat and a little light. But once I start to burn, I can light up another clay lamp and so lighting one lamp with another will spread enough light to light up Mother Earth."

Surya, the Sun God bowed humbly to the little clay lamp and gratefully accepted its offer.

Let us also, with our good words and deeds, spread light on earth.


1. Mark Yes or No to the following:
a. Surya means: moon/sun.
b. The Sun God wanted: a little time off his work/to go away forever.
c. He first went to the stars/moon.
d. The lamp was made of clay.

2. Complete the given sentences:
a.    The moon gets its light from the ...
b.    The stars refused the Sun God because...
c.    The whisper was coming from....
d.    The lamp said that once it started to burn, it could light up....
e.    The Sun God bowed humbly to the lamp and .....

3. Act the story in class. Have fun!