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Eat your vegetables

Eat your vegetables and keep the Doctor Away

Meet Ashok. Ashok is a doctor. Doctor Ashok makes people well.

Go and see Doctor Ashok if you are ill.

"Sit down, please," he will say.

Then he will say, "Show me your tongue."

You have to open your mouth wide and say, "Aaaa.."
He will look into your mouth.

"Now open your eyes," he will tell you.
Open my eyes? My eyes are open already!
Doctor Ashok will look into your eyes.

He will feel your forehead if you have fever.

Now he will go back to his table and write the names of the pills you must take.

"Take these pills three times in the day. Stay in bed. You will get well after two days," he will tell you.

Obey what Doctor Ashok tells you.

"Eat your vegetables and keep the Doctor Away"


1.    Give short answers:

a.    Who is Ashok?
b.    When do we go to see a doctor?
c.    What does a doctor do?
d.    What does a doctor give us to have?