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Akbar Met Birbal

How Akbar Met Birbal

The great Emperor Akbar liked hunting. Once he had gone on a long 'shikar'or a hunting trip in central India, when he met a young man whose name was Mahesh Das.

He started talking with Mahesh and liked him very much. Before leaving, the Emperor gave him his emerald ring and told him to come and pay him a visit in his palace at Delhi.

After some time, Mahesh went to meet the great Mughal Emperor in his palace.

The royal guards, seeing the poorly dressed man would not allow him inside the palace. Mahesh then showed them the ring the king had given him. They thought that he had come to collect some reward.

So, they agreed to allow him inside on the condition that he share with them half the reward he would get. Mahesh agreed. He went inside.

Akbar recognized Mahesh at once. He spoke with Mahesh and then offered him money or gold or property, what evcr Mahesh wanted as a reward.

After thinking for a while, Mahesh said, "O mighty Emperor I would like to..."

"Yes, yes, ask Mahesh," the kind Emperor encouraged the young lad to speak.

"Your Majesty, I want...I want a hundred lashes of the whip."

The Emperor was shocked and so were the rest of the nobles. Then Mahesh told him about the royal guards outside and the deal they had made with him.

The Emperor roared with laughter. Wiping his eyes, he called for the dishonest guards where each of them was given fifty lashes of the whip and a terrible scolding by the Emperor himself.

Akbar then said to Mahesh, "I give you a new name - Birbal. You will not go back. You will stay here in my palace and become my minister."

And that is how, Mahesh, a poor Brahmin, became the famous Birbal, one of the nine gems of Akbar's court, known for his wit and humour.


1. Complete these sentences:

a. Emperor Akbar met Mahesh when he had gone.....
b. The Emperor gave Mahesh his ring and told him to ..
c. After some time Mahesh went.....
d.The royal guards would not .......
e. The guards thought that Mahesh had come to.....
f.They allowed him inside the palace on the condition that ....
g.The Emperor offered Mahesh......
h. As a reward, Mahesh said that he wanted......
i. The Emperor roared with laughter when.....
j. In the end, Akbar told Mahesh that.....

2. Relate the story in your own words in class.

3. Act out the story in class. Have fun!