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A Happy Day

A Happy Day

It was Raju's birthday. His father left the house early in the morning to go to the fields. His mother said she was going to the temple. Even his grandparents said they had to go to the town close by.

"What a birthday!" said Raju. "Everybody is so busy. No one's free to celebrate my birthday with me."

Raju had his breakfast and sat down to study. He felt lonely. Where was everyone? In the afternoon just as he was about to eat some fruit, he heard voices at the door.

What a surprise he got when he opened the door! There they were - his parents, grandparents and his three cousins! Their hands were laden with packets and boxes.

"Happy birthday, Raju!" they cried. Everyone hugged and kissed him. How happy Raju was!

His mother quickly set all the food and cold drinks on the dining table and all of them had a hearty meal. After lunch, the cousins brought a cake with eight candles burning and they sang the Happy Birthday song. Raju cut the cake and fed his parents the first piece.

Then Raju opened the gifts - a Tshirt from his cousins along with a football. His father gave him a watch while his grandfather gave him a game set. What fun! They could all sit together and play "ludo" and "snakes and ladders" in the evenings.

What a happy day it was.


1. Choose the correct answer:

  A. Raju's father left early to go to:
      a.  the fields
      b. the town close by.

  B. When Raju said, "What a birthday!" he felt:
      a. surprised
      b. sad

  C. The family did not talk about Raju's birthday because they:
      a. were so busy they forgot
      b. wanted to give him a surprise

  D. Raju was:
    a. seven years old that day
    b. eight years old that day

  E. The gift Raju liked best was:
   a. the Tshirt
   b. the games set

2. Make sentences with:
     birthday;         early;       cousins