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Pigeon and the Koyal

The Pigeon and the Koyal

It was a bright day. A pigeon was perched on a branch of a tree in the forest. He was feeling very sad. Do you know why?
He was watching three colourful birds flying past him.
"I wish I too had a colourful body. I do not like my dull feathers," he said to himself.

A koyal  on another tree flew over to him.
"I too do not like my black feathers. How lucky those colourful birds are," he said, looking upset.

"Why can't God give us just a few colourful feathers?" the pigeon asked. "And I can't even sing a simple tune,"

Just then, friend crow cawed loudly as he landed on the same branch. He was excited over what he had to tell them.

"The bird catchers are here! I heard them talking about wanting to trap all the colourful singing birds and selling them in the city. I am so glad I am black and I can't sing."

The pigeon and the koyal looked at each other, smiled and said, " We should be happy with what we have."


1.    Choose the best answer:
A.    This story is about:
a.    a pigeon and a crow
b.    bird catchers

B.    The crow and the koyal:
a.    wanted to have colourful feathers
b.    wanted to be caught by the bird catchers

C.    The crow said that he was:
a.    glad that he was black and could not sing
b.    sad that he was black and could not sing

2.    Give short answers:
a.    Count and tell how many birds are mentioned in this story.
b.    What did the pigeon and koyal wish to have?
c.    What did the bird catchers plan to do?
d.     What was the crow glad about?
e.    What lesson did the pigeon and the koyal learn?

3.    Act the story you have just read in class. Have fun!