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The Park

The Park

There is a park close to my house. It has a huge, grassy lawn, lined with different kinds of trees and flower beds. There is a separate area called the 'Children's Park'. It has swings, see-saws, slides and a tree-house for little children to play in.

We go to the park early in the mornings . We breathe in the fresh air as we walk around the park. Then we spread out mats on the grass and do 'yoga' and exercise. Some young people jog around the park while some old uncles and aunts sit and pray.

We have made many friends in the park. We celebrate birthdays and have many parties here. Each family brings something to eat and drink. We sing songs and dance.

Before we leave, we make sure to put the used paper plates and cups in the waste bins placed there. We must keep our park neat and clean.

I go to the park in the evenings to play with other boys and girls. It is such fun.

Aren't we lucky to have the park in our neighbourhood?


1.    Say whether true or false:
a.    The park is far from my house.
b.    The Children's Park is filled with trees.
c.    We do yoga and exercise in the park.
d.    We clean up the park after our parties.
e.    We are unlucky to have a park in our neighbourhood.

2.     Complete these sentences:
a.    The 'Children's Park' has...
b.    As we walk around the park we breathe....
c.    Some young people....
d.    Each family brings....
e.    We must keep our park....

3.Draw and colour the picture of a park. Enjoy yourselves!