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The Good King

The Good King

Once upon a time, there lived a king who wanted to make all his subjects happy. So he asked them to come to him with all their problems.

The first man to come before his throne was a poor man who wanted to leave his small hut and live in a palace. Next came a woman who kept a fruit stall. She complained to the king about the woman who kept the next stall saying that the woman sold old clothes which smelt terribly and wanted that she be removed. Another man asked permission to put to sea his old boat.  He was being unable to do so as the harbour master had refused him permission to do so.
The king granted all the requests made by his subjects.

A few months later, the poor man was back to the king's palace wanting to speak with him. He wanted to leave the palace and return to his hut. He complained that he was lonely in that huge palace and hated his life. The woman who kept the fruit stall came and  complained that she had lost all her customers. She explained that customers went first to buy old clothes from the neighbouring stall and then stopped to buy her fruits before they went home. And the man with the old boat? Well, he never came back as his old boat capsized and he was drowned.

1.    Answer the following questions:
a.    Why did the king want his people to come to him?
b.    What did the woman who kept a fruit stall want the king to do?
c.    What happened to her after her request was granted?
d.    What had the old man wanted from the king? Why did he come back to the king?

2.    Discuss the lesson this passage teaches us.