Wide Spread Usage

Student Community

Read My Language is a powerful App to develop English comprehension and speech. Transliteration enables the reader to read English books / other text in a script of their choice. Based on the teaching paradigm that “the more you read, the more fluent you become in that language”, the student increases his fluency in English significantly.

News Papers

News Papers are installing RESTful API RML Web Server version in their Web Sites to boost readership of their online news sites. This enables the reader to read the news in transliterated form. The reader need not have RML installed on their devices – instead they use the option already provided to them by the newspapers.

Some of the newspapers using RML in their sites are:

E-Commerce Sites

Any e-commerce site can hugely benefit by installing the RESTful API RML Web Server version in their sites. This will drive in more & more vernacular traffic who find reading the content in English in the e-commerce site difficult. With RML installed in the e-commerce site, the audience can now convert and content in any vernacular script and then read and use the site for his/her purchases. The user need not have RML installed on their own devices.

Web Sites

Government web sites are rich information sources for businesses as well as for common people. Most of the time the content of these web sites are in English. A huge population across India are not comfortable reading in English script. With RML Web Server version, any visitor to the site can convert the content into any script of his choice and read.

Similarly, corporate web sites can increase hits on their web sites by installing the RESTful API version of RML in their web sites.

Leisure Reading

A huge population across India can speak a language but can’t read that language script. For example, the Gen X of Punjab can speak in Punjabi but can’t read the Gurumukhi script. Similarly, there are people who can speak Bengali but can’t read the Bengali script. Speak Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, etc. but can’t read the scripts. They depend on translations to read any content in these languages. Now they can read content in these language without knowing the script.

Simply download and install the RML Any Reader App in your smart phone and transliterate the content into any script that you can easily read.

Authors, Movie Script Writers and Publishers

Film and Television scriptwriters can input their script in Celtx or Word and then use the offline version of RML to convert their film / tv script from their original language script to another language script. Thus, RML eliminates the need for manual transliteration by script writers!

The script writers often also type their Hindi content using Roman/English script since they can’t type in Hindi. They can now reverse transliterate this Hinglish content into Hindi usng offline version of RML and get an authentic and error free Hindi script… written in Hindi.

Book Publishers can also transliterate their books into a different script and publish a transliterated version of the original book. Our research has shown a huge demand for transliterated books which is yet to be tapped by publishers!