About Us

Founded in December 2014, Innovative Apps is a tech Products Company focused on creating highly innovative but easy to use Apps helping users improve their efficiency and productivity in their day to day life and work

We create Apps and our motto is:

  • Apply thought in innovation
  • Make it easy to use
  • On the cutting edge of technology
  • Must empower and improve efficiency and productivity

We have begun by launching Read My Language, a transliteration App which empowers its users to read any language they speak but can’t read.

We have also developed a novel App, Readmylanguage – Learn English, which allows users to develop proficiency in spoken English in about 3-4 months of regular usage.

Our Team

Dr Rajiv Nag


Dr Rajiv Nag is a tech entrepreneur, the cofounder and chief Facilitator of Innovative Apps Pvt Ltd. a company founded in March 2015. Dr Rajiv Nag is also the Chairman of CyberQ Consulting Pvt Ltd. CyberQ is one of the leading consulting companies in the area of Software Quality and Cyber Security. Dr Rajiv Nag is a renowned name in the field of Software Quality and is one of the few High Maturity Certified CMMI Lead Appraiser of the world. Beside these, Dr Nag is a member of the Governing Council of Elmhirst Institute, Shantiniketan, West Bengal and serves on the Doctoral Academic Council of Birla Institute of Technology.

Jayanta Narayan Choudhuri

Chief Technical Advisor:

Dr. Jayanta Narayan Choudhuri, is the cofounder and Chief Advisor of Innovative Apps. Read My Language App is the brain child of Dr. Choudhuri, who is a technical wizard of software development. His passion for Application Modernization/Source Code Transformation is well known in India, he is often referred as the "go to" man for any intractable software problem – both for system programming and application programs. Dr Choudhuri serves as the "last point of defense" nonresident technical expert for many companies in Eastern India. Having worked for the last several years on his personal obsession of Indian languages, he started to focus on automatic output transliteration which eventually led to the development of the “Read My Language” app. Presently he acts as the Chief Advisor to the Board.

Sanjoy Chowdhury

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Sanjoy Chowdhury- As an information Management specialist, Mr Chowdhury has provided solutions to various Fortune 500 organizations. He specializes in using a mix of proprietary and open-source technologies to create cutting-edge solutions for his clients. His passion for teaching and training led him to co-found My Learnings Technologies, an organization focused on providing consulting & training in Information Management. Mr Chowdhury's experience working in a multicultural work environment has provided him with very good insight into the need for having spoken-English skill to be able to work in a team with people from different cultures. To further his interest in helping people develop communicative English skills he has completed courses like Advanced Certifications in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Business English.

Mr. Shubhashish Bhattacharya


Mr. Shubhashish Bhattacharya is an MBA from FMS, Delhi University and Ph.D from IIMA. With more than three decades of work experience he brings in fresh ideas to enhance the business leadership skills in the company. Mr. Bhattacharya, has been working as a mentor and coach to many Start ups, he was associated with various premier education institutions helping students with personality development for appearing in interviews and also guided teachers to upgrade their soft skills. Before joining Innovative Apps Mr Bhattacharya has held high positions as CEO/CXO in various leading Organizations. Currently he is heading his own consulting practice Vriksh Consulting as CEO.

Mr Anupam Chatterjee

Director of Business Development

Mr Anupam Chatterjee is a marketing professional with an impressive advertising background. Mr Chatterjee has executed a number of national campaigns with multiple clients. Currently, Mr Chatterjee heads the Marketing divison of Innovative Apps Pvt Ltd.

Sharmistha Mukherjee

Head Operations

Sharmistha Mukherjee is the Head of the operations team at Innovative Apps Pvt Ltd. With over three decades of dedicated expertise in operational leadership, Sharmistha brings in experience and a proven track record of success to the table. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to optimizing processes and fostering a culture of excellence. Her deep-rooted understanding of operations coupled with a passion for innovation equips her to navigate challenges and propel businesses towards productivity. As an operations head with over 30 years of hands-on experience in various sectors, she is always ready to leverage her skills and insights to drive operational excellence.

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